SEAプログラム 8月18日

Aug 18, Fri.

Aug 17th, Thu.

We went to Mega Air to jump on the trampolines.  The here were many kinds of trampolines.  The one I like the most is the one where I bounced in to the airbag.  It was fun to make one turn.  Besides, I played a dodge ball while played on the trampolines.  I was able to play basketball as well.  Everything was so much fun.  After I quit trampolines,  my body was tired.  I played a lot, so I sweat.  In the afternoon, I took lessons with my buddy guy.  This class as chemistry.  It’s so too difficult for me.  But,  my buddy said “Chemistry is very interesting.”  I couldn’t understand her words.  I’m glad I could talk to my buddy.


SEAプログラム 8月17日

Aug 17, Thu.


I wrote a letter for my host family in class. I feel that the time flies. I’m lonely because I only have a few days to spend here with my host family. After school, I went to Count Down to buy a present for my father. I bought a bottle of wine that Peter chose because I don’t know about New Zealand wine and Peter likes wine, I went to concert that Nadjia joined, I saw a lot of high school. It was very powerful and was made me happy! “Electrical through my body!!” I could spent nice night.




その後、MEGA AIRというトランポリンの施設へ。トランポリンを使った様々なアトラクションに、生徒たちは息を上げながらも楽しんでいました。